Recovery & Stabilization

NH Child Care Recovery and Stabilization Program

PLEASE NOTE in order to apply for the NH Child Care Recovery and Stabilization Program (CCRSP) funds you NEED to be an Emergency Child Care Program (ECCP). If you are already a designated ECCP you do NOT need to reapply.

The deadline to become an Emergency Child Care Program (ECCP) expired on Tuesday, June 9 at 11:59 PM.
The deadline for the Child Care Recovery and Stabilization Application expired on Thursday, June 11 at 11:59 PM.

DHHS wanted to clarify that as an ECCP provider, you are now able to serve employees of all open and reopening businesses, all children the program considers to be vulnerable, children that were enrolled with the program prior to COVID-19, and children of families who are working at home and in need of child care. ECCP programs and families are no longer required to provide self-attestation regarding need or family employment. Additionally, there will be no self-attestation required for CCRSP funding.

NH Child Care Recovery and Stabilization Program Funding Notification Update

“Dear Colleague,

Another update to let you know we are working as quickly as possible on getting out the CCRSP notifications. Our goal is to have all notices out by Friday morning, July 3. We know all of you are anxious to hear from us and continue to appreciate your patience as we work through the requests.

Please do not email the ECCP mailbox about your program’s status until Monday, July 7 if you have not heard from us. At that time, please let us know if you have not received an email about your program’s status.

If you have any questions after you receive your notification letter. We will be answering those in the order they are received and as quickly as possible.

Thank you so much again for your patience and all the kind words.”

-The Bureau of Child Development and Head Start Collaboration Team

Timeline for Success

What is Child Care Recovery and Stabilization Program: 

The Child Care Recovery and Stabilization Program (CCRSP) provides funding & support for COVID-19 related costs (operations, workforce, health & safety) to child care programs. The funding amounts are based on available funding, program needs and capacity. These funds must be expended by December 30, 2020.

Application Information:

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Guidance for Open Child Care Programs 

Getting the Information and Resources You Need for Child Care Recovery and Stabilization: A Webinar Series

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