Executive Director

Position Summary:

Woodside School is seeking an Executive Director. The Executive Director creates and implements a vision of quality. The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for the health and safety of children, all daily activities, facility operations, and the long-term planning necessary to create a high quality and sustainable early childhood program. The Executive Director is responsible for the overall daily operation of the School, including the determination of educational policies and procedures, the coordination of its various programs, and the supervision of all personnel. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing implementation of child- directed curriculum with goals and expectations that are developmentally appropriate and consistent with the Woodside Philosophy and Mission Statements. The Executive Director works with the Business Manager and Site Directors to plan the methods to achieve these goals and evaluate curriculum, children, classroom environment and materials, teaching methods and overall program quality, while maintaining consistent collaboration with the Board of Directors. In carrying out these duties, the Executive Director may, as appropriate, delegate tasks.

Position Qualifications & Requirements:

Experience: Must have been in a Director’s position in a NAEYC accredited center for a minimum of five years. Must be willing to enroll in Early Childhood Education classes and continue professional development.

High quality early education and care management skills, oral and written language skills and excellent communication skills with staff, parents, children, and colleagues. Must be welcoming and warm toward current and prospective families and must enjoy working with children and families. Must be able to multi-task and juggle competing priorities. Must be certified in and maintain infant/child CPR and First Aid. Must be knowledgeable of all NH Childcare Licensing Regulations and NAEYC standards. Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; bench marking professional standards: and reviewing professional publications.


Position Responsibilities:

Programming and Curriculum:
1. Establish overall educational philosophy and developmentally appropriate curriculum.
2. Oversee NAEYC accreditation process to ensure the process is completed in a thorough manner and on time.
3. Encourage and implement inclusion and diversity goals.

1. Develop and implement marketing strategies to achieve optimal enrollment.
2. Work with the Concord School District Special Education Team to encourage inclusion of children with special needs, and maintain referral system for outside resources.
3. Assess program enrollment on an ongoing basis and report to the Board of Directors.

1. Maintain an effective working relationship with and among staff.
2. Develop and update appropriate job descriptions.
3. Review and recommend staff salaries to the Board of Directors.
4. Plan, Review and implement personnel policies in conjunction with staff, Personnel Committee, and Board of Directors.
5. Ensure appropriate teacher-to child ratios according to NAEYC standards.
6. Supervise Site Directors, Business Manager, Administrative Assistant, School Age Coordinator and Maintenance Personnel.
7. Conduct weekly Leadership Team Meetings.
8. Approve Site Director and Business Manager time sheets for each payroll period.

Staff Development:
1. Provide in service training though on-site courses, workshops and mentoring.
2. Encourage professional growth of all staff.
3. Encourage staff to share information learned at off-site trainings.
4. Conduct monthly school-wide staff meetings.

Families and Community:
1. Establish and maintain communication with families of enrolled and prospective children through newsletters and Parent Handbooks, and keep families informed about the Woodside Philosophy, policies, procedures and activities.
2. Support staff in maintaining effective communication with parents/guardians.
3. Assist in planning and attend family functions.
4. Attend Parent Group meetings.
5. Address family concerns and mediate staff/parent concerns if elevated from Site Directors.
6. Maintain good communication with regulatory agencies.
7. Promote positive community relationship with agencies and organizations offering services (schools, mental health centers, etc.).
8. Develop and implement outreach activities to enhance image, reputation, and knowledge of center and program.
9. Attend meetings with representatives of St. Paul’s School on behalf of Woodside School, Inc. with the Site Director.

1. Plan and implement fundraising events for Woodside.
2. Assist in planning the Annual Campaign.
3. Develop relationships with donors to Woodside.

Board of Directors:
1. Implement all policies of Woodside School, Inc. as determined by the Board of
2. Report directly to the Board of Directors, attend all board meetings as an ex officio member, and provide a report at each meeting.
3. Recommend new directors to the Board.
4. Inform the Board of Directors of all responsibilities and liabilities as related Bureau of Child Care Licensing and NAEYC standards.
5. Facilitate Board Orientation.

Fiscal Activities:
1. Support the Business Manager in preparing the annual budget, staff contracts, and fiscal reports.
2. In conjunction with the Business Manager, supervise the School’s operation within the annual budget.
3. Oversee all equipment and material purchases.
4. Approve all invoices.
5. Sign checks for bills to be paid.
6. Work with CPA and Business Manager on Annual Audit.

Health and Safety:
1. Comply with all laws, regulations, and health policies as set by all Regulatory Agencies.
2. Establish, review and update emergency procedures.

1. Oversee Woodside’s IT equipment and services as needed, i.e. schedule updates and maintenance with Woodside’s IT vendor.

1. Evaluate all job descriptions and update as necessary.
2. Maintain professional activities and related professional memberships.
3. Maintain NH Early Childhood Professional Credential.
4. Participate in a minimum of 24 hours of professional development and provide documentation.
5. Maintain professional library for staff, parent and child use.
6. Prepare and disseminate an annual report.
7. Preform annual and bi-annual evaluations of the Site Directors, Business Manager, and
Administrative Assistant.
8. Distribute Executive Director Evaluation to all staff annually.
9. Self-evaluate performance as Executive Director yearly.
10. Substitute in classrooms as needed.
11. Responsible for filing the Real Estate Exemption.

SCHOOL COMMITMENTS: Put Customer Service First: Ensure that all children and families receive the highest quality of service in a caring and compassionate atmosphere which recognizes the individual’s rights and needs. To understand and adhere to the mission and philosophy of Woodside School, as well as Woodside School policies and procedures. Support and encourage staff members in professional development. Follow all applicable State and NAEYC regulations and procedures regarding the health and safety of children and staff as well as illness and emergency procedures. Attend and participate in Parent Orientation night and meetings of the Board of Directors. This position requires attendance at other family events, trainings, and meetings.

Full or Part Time:
Hours Per Week:
The hours will vary and you must be available from 7am to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Additional evening and weekend hours will also be required.
Job Pay Rate:
The Executive Director is paid at an annual salary rate. The rate is determined by Woodside School's Pay Scale for this position and is dependent on experience and educational background
Contact Name:
Hilary Rheaume
Contact's Position:
Member of Board of Directors

Woodside School

NAEYC accreditated school with two sites located in Concord NH

To apply for this job email your details to holmes.hilary1@gmail.com