COVID-19 Daily Updates

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Getting Information & Resources You Need for Child Care Recovery & Stabilization: A Webinar Series Session #8 October 15th


COVID-19 Child Care Assistance Supplement (CCCAS) Application Documents:











  • There is a new page of the CCAoNH website entitled: NH Empowering Youth Programs. This page can be found in the COVID-19 section, off of the Recovery and Stabilization Page



  • Change in time to the DHHS GETTING INFORMATION & RESOURCES YOU NEED FOR CHILD CARE RECOVERY & STABILIZATION: A WEBINAR SERIES. Click here to view the updated training times.




6/9/2020 Update:

6/8/2020 Update:

6/5/2020 Update:

6/4/2020 Update:

6/2/2020 Update:/

06/1/2020 Update:

5/28/2020 Update:

Getting the Information and Resources You Need for Child Care Recovery and Stabilization *Please make sure that you use the addendum that has changes that were made to the PowerPoint when watching the recorded webinar

Previous COVID-19 Updates

Previous daily updates are sorted by which organization the messaging originated from. The resources featured in the e-newsletters will also be included in other pages of the COVID-19 section. If you are unable to find a specific resources, view our contact information by clicking here.

Child Care Aware of NH’s Updates The Bureau of Child Development and Head Start Collaboration Updates Child Care Licensing Unit Updates Department of Health and Human Services Updates

5/11/2020: COVID-19 Updates May 11, 2020

5/4/2020: COVID-19 Supply Access List 5.4.2020

4/29/2020: Alternative Child Care Options Flyer

4/28/2020:  CCAoNH Updates

4/24/2020: CCAoNH Online Collaborative Topics

4/20/2020: CCAoNH COVID-19 Updates

4/17/2020: Weekly Online Collaborative Topics 

4/15/2020: At-A-Glance

4/13/2020: COVID-19 Updates 4/13/2020

4/9/2020: CCAoNH COVID-19 Updates April 9, 2020
4/6/2020: COVID-19 Updates April 6, 2020

3/31/2020: COVID-19 Updates: March 31, 2020

3/30/2020: COVID-19 Updates: March 30, 2020

3/27/2020 Online Introduction to COOP

3/26/2020: General COVID-19 Updates

03/25/2020: General COVID-19 Updates

03/25/2020: NEW COVID-19 Updates

03/24/2020: Urgent Needs Survey

03/18/2020: CCAoNH Program Service Update

03/17/2020: CCAoNH Program Service Update

03/16/2020: CCAoNH COVID-19 Updates

03/12/2020: Coronavirus Information Resources and Trainings


03/19/2020: BCDHSC COVID-19 Message

03/18/2020: Credentialing and Licensed Plus Updates

Child Care Aware of America

5/1/2020: Grab, Adapt and Go – COVID-19 Resources for Child Care Programs

Center for Disease Control:

Governor’s Economic Reopening Taskforce

5/18/2020: COVID-19 Reopening Guidance















03/15/2020: CCLU Message

Early Learning NH Updates

4/28/2020: ELNH Recorded Webinar: Child Care: Voices from the Field during COVID-19 – Our Experiences & Ideas 4/28/2020

4/28/2020: Child Care: Voices from the Field during COVID-19, Our Experiences & Ideas PowerPoint

4/27/2020: PPP Update

4/15/2020: SBA Coronavirus Pandemic Disaster Loan Comparison List

4/15/2020: SELA benefits for programs and staff

4/9/2020: Recorded Webinar:  More about Resources for NH Child Care Programs & Staff

4/2/2020: Recorded Webinar: Help for Your Business


5/11/2020: NH DHHS Emergency Child Care Program Application 5-11-2020

5/11/2020: DHHS Health and Safety for Child Care Programs 3-27-2020

5/11/2020: NH Governor Emergency Order # 40 Pursuant to Executive Order 2020-04 as extended by Executive Orders 2020-05 and 2020-08

4/29/2020: DHHS Announcement New Testing Places for Covid-19 

4/27/2020: COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

4/1/2020: Recorded Webinar: Understanding the DHHS ECCP Designation and Resources Available for Child Care

4/1/2020: Understanding the DHHS ECCP Designation and Resources Available for Child Care PowerPoint

3/27/2020: Executive Order 17 (5 documents) Emergency Child Care Application

3/26/2020: The Child Care Workforce is Essential

3/26/2020 Recorded Webinar: Help for your Child Care Business during COVID-19

3/26/2020 PowerPointHelp For Your Child Care Business Power Point

3/25/2020 Recorded Webinar: DHHS COVID-19 Public Health and Child Care

3/25/2020 PowerPoint: DHHS COVID-19 Public Health and Child Care

3/25/2020 Zoom Chat: Zoom chat content

3/24/2020: Frequently Asked Questions

3/23/2020 Recorded Webinar: DHHS COVID-19 Child Care Community Call

3/23/2020 PowerPoint: Final Draft DHHS COVID-19 CHILD CARE COMMUNITY CALL