COVID-19 Alternative Child Care Options: Child Care Match

Child Care Aware of NH powered by Southern New Hampshire services has been charged with collecting information on the pulse of early childhood and afterschool Alternative Child Care Options programs. We are looking for the status of programs being opened, closed, reopening and the number of vacancies available. Additionally, we are asking to be informed of the willingness of early childhood and afterschool programs to accommodate essential emergency personnel’s children.

 As you are aware, Child Care Aware of NH has been making phone calls and has sent out a Preliminary Assessment Survey. Please continue to keep us abreast of any changes in your programming by calling:
 Emergency Child Care Lines:
  • (603) 578-1386 ext. 2533
  • (603) 578-1386 ext. 2528
  • Email: (use subject line: Emergency Childcare)
To that end, during the COVID-19 pandemic, CCAoNH is collecting names of individuals who want to provide child care, whether in their home, a family’s home, a child care or school-age program or a 24 hour residential child care program temporarily to assist families during this crisis. To access a flyer about Alternative Child Care Options click here. To assist with this, we have also created two new web pages to gather information:
  1. A form for Individuals Seeking Temporary Employment in Child Care During COVID-19 Emergency
  2. A list of Individuals Available for Temporary Emergency Child Care During COVID-19 Emergency
If this list of options doesn’t meet your child care needs, you can also reach out to obtain FREE and confidential referrals of open license and license exempt early childhood and afterschool programs by calling (603) 578-1386, ext. 2531 or toll free (855)-393-1731, ext. 2531.
CCAoNH wants to recognize the important work you are doing. Having available child care is imperative for families who need to work during this crisis. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and ability to unite during these trying times. We applaud your efforts, while we recognize and support the tough decision you have had to make these past weeks. CCAoNH appreciates all you do and have done for children and families in NH.