Online Search

There are two ways for parents to receive free referrals from us. You can receive referrals on-line right now. Or you can call or visit one of our offices for our customized referral service and speak to one of our Outreach Specialist. To get the most accurate referrals, we highly suggest you call our toll free line at 1-855-393-1731 or (603)578-1386 ext. 31.

Our most complete service is offered if you call or visit one of our main or outreach offices. Our friendly staff will take ten to fifteen minutes to gather information on your child care needs. They will  then offer referrals that meet your needs. Detailed print outs will be mailed or emailed to you. We can search based on criteria not available using the on-line method. For example, if you have a child with allergies or need a child care facility open on holidays, etc. we will search on those criteria.

Finally, we can answer any questions you may have about child care in your community.

For the online search method ~ Please click here to start your online search.

Please know that our services are free and confidential, and that any referrals to providers are not intended as recommendations. It is the family’s right and responsibility to choose care most appropriate for their needs. To ensure the best possible care for your child, we suggest you initially interview providers over the telephone. Then, schedule visits with providers to see their programs. Be sure to ask questions about quality and licensing. For more information, please visit our Why Quality Matters page.