Child Care Licensing for Providers

CCLU Licensing Rules 2017-2027

In January 2018, the Child Care Licensing Unit began sending out messages through our Monthly Minutes E-newsletters. We will also share the most current message here on our Child Care Licensing page.  To view previous messages, please go to our E-newsletter page and click on the appropriate link. Thank you!

A Message from the Child Care Licensing Unit from June 2019

This month, the Child Care Licensing Unit shared information about CURRENT forms for completing a criminal background check and for applying for the employment eligibility card. Read below to view their message.

 Please go to our website for all the CURRENT forms for completing a criminal background check and for applying for the employment eligibility card.
ALL FORMS are submitted to CCLU and have detailed instructions. In addition to reading the instructions on the forms, please take a moment to review for these items below so we can process the forms as quickly as possible and avoid needing to return them to you for corrections.
 Household and Personnel Form – This form is critical as it informs CCLU of new employees age 14+, household members age 10+, or current employees that are renewing their background check. It includes notice to the individual that abuse and neglect registries and sex offender registries are checked and included in our evaluation of their eligibility for employment:
  • Start date – include an anticipated date if the employee has not yet started, or at least the year the employee started working in the program, such as 2010, when renewing a background check for current staff or submitting a criminal background check for current staff who just turned 18 years of age.
  • All CURRENT staff must complete background checks every 5 years. This includes submitting the Household and Personnel Form along with submission of fingerprints.
  • Make sure Last Name is listed first, and Maiden Name if applicable is in ( ) so it is recorded correctly in our database.
  • Only list states OTHER THAN NH that were lived in the previous 5 years. Leave blank if the employee has been living in NH for 5 or more years. Include the applicable forms for all states listed as directed here:
  • Under “Previous 6 months NH child care employment” – the individual must list where they worked in the previous 6 months ONLY. This includes listing the program they are currently working at if that is where they have worked in the previous 6 months.
Volunteers should only submit a Household and Personnel Form and Criminal History Record Information Authorization when they are included in ratio or have unsupervised access to children, such as on a field trip.
 CCLU will send this letter if we return background check forms that we cannot process. You may find it helpful to print out and keep as a checklist when you submit someone new or for renewal of his or her background check. If you receive this letter, respond to this request for information immediately and include the letter sent so we know you are responding to our request for additional information. We have recently updated the form to include a due date, as we found we are not receiving the information requested as quickly as needed to complete the background check process.
  • Click here to view the Incomplete Background Check Submission Form.
  • Click here to read the entire update from the Child Care Licensing Unit.

Contact information for Licensing by Territory

CCLU Licensing Rules 2017-2027

The Child Care Licensing Unit has received the certified rule from the Office of Legislative Services. The following was done to make this the most user-friendly rule document to date:

  • Table of contents can be selected to go straight to that section
  • Corresponding rule section is at the top of each page
  • Index includes all page numbers where those words appear
  • The critical rules are shaded as they have been in past rules

Here is the Major Changes Document, which includes effective dates for the new requirements, highlighted so they are easy to find. If no specific date is mentioned, then the rule is effective immediately.

PLEASE NOTE, we have a new Household and Personnel Form, it now has to be notarized. There is also a new section at the bottom of the Background Check webpage. It has out of state abuse and neglect registry checks forms and instructions for individuals that have lived out of state in the previous five (5) years.

2017 Child Care Registration and Emergency Form:

  • To view the 2017 Child Care Registration and Emergency Form click here.

CCLU Guides

CCLU Frequently Asked Questions:

 Emergency Preparations Guide:

 Emergency Care Food/Allergy Form:

 Behavior Guidance and Treatment of Children:

  • Programs shall develop and implement a written policy to address the limitations of expelling children from the child care program for challenging behaviors. The policy shall address at a minimum:

(1) The steps the program will take to assist the child in maintaining enrollment prior to expelling the child for challenging behaviors;

(2) Parent notification requirements regarding their child’s challenging behavior;

(3) The responsibilities of the program if the challenging behavior results in a serious safety risk to the child or others within the program.

  • (h) The written policy in (g) above shall be provided to parents at enrollment.
  • The expulsion policy shall only apply when addressing a child’s behavior and not a parent’s misconduct or the parent’s failure to comply with other child care rules or laws.
  • Found in the NH Child Care Licensing Rules: 2017-2027on pages 81-82

 Criminal Background Checks and Fingerprinting:

  • The Child Care Licensing Unit requires that anyone 17 years of age or older working in a licensed child care program submit to a NH criminal history record conducted by the State Police Department.  In addition, other individuals age 16 and over who are in contact with children and all family child care home household members age 10 and over must submit to a child abuse and neglect background check conducted by NH DCYF.