Child Care Licensing

In the state of New Hampshire, the Child Care Licensing Unit (CCLU) is the regulatory body that ensures that children attending NH child care programs are in safe and healthy environments and are provided with care, supervision and developmentally appropriate activities that meet each child’s physical and emotional needs. 

CCLU accomplishes this through on-site evaluations, monitoring, and investigations that ensure compliance with applicable NH Statutes and Administrative Rules, approval and issuance of licenses, and initiation of appropriate disciplinary action when necessary for compliance and the protection of children. 

CCLU also provides consultation and technical assistance to help understand licensing regulations to existing licensed child care providers and persons who might consider applying for a child care program license. 

CCLU licenses seven categories of child care programs: Family Child Care Homes, Family Group Child Care Homes, Group Child Care Centers, Child Care Nurseries, School Age Program, Night Care Programs, and Residential Child Care Programs. 

Licensing History/Search

To search for the licensing history of a licensed child care program, please visit 

CCLU Licensing Rules

The Child Care Licensing Rule passed at the JLCAR meeting by a unanimous vote from the committee.  Once the rule is certified by the Office of Legislative Services, CCLU will format and send them out as soon as they are able. They are working on the final official process, and expect the rules will be effective next week (The week of November 6, 2017.)

To view the rule revision, that was adopted on Friday, November 3, 2017, click here.  This document contains track changes. These track changes show what was added (underlined) and what was removed (crossed out) since the final proposal submitted in July.  Besides some editorial corrections that may occur on the final review, this language is the FINAL language.

Here is the Major Changes Document, which includes effective dates for the new requirements, highlighted so they are easy to find. If no specific date is mentioned, then the rule is effective immediately.

To view all of the previous rule revisions on the Department’s Administrative Rule website, click here.

To view 2017 Child Care Registration and Emergency Form click here.

CCLU Guides

To view the supplementary Child Care Licensing Guides to the rules, please visit 

CCLU Frequently Asked Questions:

To view the FAQ’s of Child Care Licensing, please visit

Background Checks

To view information on Fingerprinting & Criminal Background Checks, please visit 

Serious Injury and Death Report

The Serious Injury and Death Report collects information on annual number of deaths, serious injuries and incidences of substantiated child abuse in a child care setting. “Serious injury” means any accident or illness occurring at the program that results in medical treatment by a physician or other health care professional, hospitalization, or death. To view the current Serious Injury and Death Report, please click here.

 Emergency Preparations Guide

New Hampshire Child Care Center, Family Child Care, & School Age Program Emergency Operations Plan Template